State Office of Administrative Hearings
State Office of Administrative Hearings

Administrative License Revocation (ALR)

How to Order ALR Transcripts

How do I order a written transcript of an ALR hearing?

You must make a written request to SOAH for a transcript. See Tex. Transp. Code Ann. § 524.044 external web site and 1 Tex. Admin. Code § 159.255 external web site. Requests are sent to the SOAH office where the hearing was held or to the field office responsible for the remote hearing site, if the hearing was in one of SOAH’s remote hearing locations. In other words, if the hearing was held in SOAH’s Dallas office, the request goes to Dallas. If the hearing was in New Boston, the request goes to Dallas because the Dallas office covers New Boston. Click here for a list of SOAH’s remote sites and the responsible field office. The transcript cost is determined based on the hearing tapes and location. Please contact the appropriate SOAH office for transcript pricing. Once you obtain the pricing, submit your written request, along with the payment, to the office responsible for the Administrative Decision.

After it's ordered, it generally takes about 20-30 days for the transcript to be prepared. For an additional cost, you can order an expedited transcript, which generally takes about five to ten days for the court reporter to prepare.

How do I order a transcript for an appeal of an ALR hearing?

The procedure is the same as requesting a written transcript, except you will need to include with your request a file-marked copy of the appeal petition that was filed with the county court, by certified mail.