State Office of Administative Hearings

300 W. 15th Street, Suite 504
Austin TX 78701
Phone: 512.475.4993

Compact with Texans

The State Office of Administrative Hearings resolves disputes between State of Texas agencies, other governmental entities, and private citizens, either through an administrative hearing or mediation.

Agency Mission

The mission of the State Office of Administrative Hearings is to serve as an independent, neutral forum for the State of Texas by providing a fair and efficient hearings process and the opportunity for alternative dispute resolution proceedings, in accordance with Chapter 2003 of the Texas Government Code.

Customer Service Principles

You have the right to expect from us:

  • Efficient and reliable service.
  • A fair, timely, and accessible administrative hearings process.
  • Reasoned decisions based on the law and the facts.
  • Courteous and professional treatment.
  • An opportunity to give feedback and suggestions for improvement.
  • Prompt responses to inquiries and complaints.
  • Adequate and accessible facilities.

Customer Comments and Inquiries

We welcome your your comments and suggestions for improvements. If you have a general inquiry or comment about the services provided by the Office, please contact the State Office of Administrative Hearings’ customer service representative by United States Postal Mail, phone, fax, or email at:

Mail:		Customer Service Representative 
		State Office of Administrative Hearings
		P.O. Box 13025
		Austin, Texas 78711-3025

Phone:	512.475.4993

Fax:		512.463.7791

Email:	SOAH.Questions@soah.texas.gov

We will acknowledge all inquiries and comments received by email within one business day. All others will be acknowledged within five business days. Whether you contact us by phone, correspondence, or email, the State Office of Administrative Hearings will handle each call and inquiry in a professional and courteous manner.

Customer Service Survey

The State Office of Administrative Hearings is required by law to conduct a customer service survey every year. The survey seeks to gather information from participants about their entire experience at the Office based on their interactions with administrative and docketing staff all the way through the hearing and decision process.

The State Office of Administrative Hearings is committed to making a good faith effort to reach as many eligible customers as possible to participate in the survey. For more information, including how to participate in the survey and past results, please refer to Customer Service Survey.

Formal Complaint Process

If you wish to file a complaint with the State Office of Administrative Hearings related to your experience or interactions with the Office, you must do so in writing. Your written communication must clearly describe the nature of your complaint and area of your concern.

Complaints related to the actions of and administrative law judge in an administrative hearing will be reviewed only to determine whether the judge conducted the proceedings appropriately as required in the judge's role as a neutral and independent finder of fact. This complaint process must not be used in lieu of following the applicable law and rules to appeal a proposal for decision or final decision issued by an administrative law judge. To determine the rights to appeal, it is necessary to review the referring agency's applicable law.

Once we receive your written complaint, the State Office of Administrative Hearings will notify you within five business days that the complaint has been received and will be reviewed by the agency. You will be notified of the resolution of your complaint not later than thirty days after the receipt of complaint, unless additional time is required. If more time is needed to review your complaint, the State Office of Administrative Hearings will notify you of the need for additional time.

Your written complaint should be sent via United States Postal Mail, fax, or email to:

Mail:		Hon. Lesli Ginn
		Chief Administrative Law Judge
		State Office of Administrative Hearings
		P.O. Box 13025
		Austin, Texas 78711-3025

Fax:		512.463.7791

Email:	SOAH.Questions@soah.texas.gov 

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