State Office of Administative Hearings

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Administrative Rules and Laws

Every proceeding at the State Office of Administrative Hearings is governed by a set of procedural rules. In most cases, the State Office of Administrative Hearings’ own procedural rules apply. However, different procedural rules apply in some hearings at the State Office of Administrative Hearings.

Hearings at the State Office of Administrative Hearings usually involve two sources of law:

  1. The statute or code (for example, the Texas Insurance Code or the Texas Water Code) of the referring agency.
  2. The referring agency’s substantive rules, which are different from procedural rules, and are found in the Texas Administrative Code.

The referring agency typically lists the law that applies to the hearing in their Notice of Hearing.

State Office of Administrative Hearings' Rules


Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Rules and Laws

Other Agency Rules

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